Aerospace and defense

When it comes to secure launchers, satellites, military vehicles or submarine operations (to give some examples from the aerospace and defense sector), reliability of systems and components is key. Sensitive equipment must be adequately protected and monitoring their environment during critical phases (or even their entire lifetime) contributes to systems integrity and mission success.

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Shock attenuation and vibration damping

Metravib has been working with major players in aerospace and defense since it was founded in the late 60’s, providing since then unrivaled expertise in engineering and solutions development.

This sector presents numerous technological challenges, such as the need for adequate shock attenuation and protection solutions, the continuous control of vibrations (and even micro-vibrations for observation satellites), of unwanted noise emission (possibly making your system detectable) for acoustic stealth, the need for up-to-date data analysis methods and maintenance tools, including as well the industrialization of composite materials and the qualification of new parts issued from additive manufacturing technologies.

Considering this wide range of applications and issues, Metravib will provide you with expert assistance and field-proven solutions. Health and usage monitoring of critical systems and components, metamaterials applied to lightweighting structures, expert analysis of big data… we are involved with your Engineering teams to define adequate responses tailored to your needs.

Design assistance for Aerospace & Defence industry

Considering unwanted noise emission or vibration control very early in the design stage of a new product or before launching revamping actions are often crucial performance criteria in the aerospace and defense sector. Metravib is thus working in tight collaboration with your team of engineers and technicians to understand your development constraints and imperatives regarding the assigned targets.


Offering dedicated design support tools and the adequate mix between solution engineering, predictive simulation and prototype testing, our experts help you qualifying components, subsystems and possibly the entire structure in terms of design, material compliance and reliability assessment. This approach has been successfully applied with the aerospace industry for more than 30 years, and with main players of the defense sector from the early days of the company in the late 60’s (stealth material development).


Putting the understanding of physical phenomena at the forefront, Metravib engineers involved as from the design stage at your side will bring you the adequate assistance right on time:

  • Definition of sensitive product parts right from the design stage
  • FEM computations and sensitivity analysis
  • Design and supply of vibration damping or shock absorbing solutions
  • Evaluation of Innovative solutions for reducing noise emissions
  • Design and qualification of stealth and metamaterial solutions
  • Experimental characterization and experimental modal analysis
  • Critical component specifications regarding acoustics and vibration criteria
  • Acoustic comfort performance evaluation and improvement inside aircraft cabin and cockpit
  • Development of dedicated Testing and Analysis methodologies

Customized solutions for Aerospace & Defence industry

The aerospace and defense sectors set extremely high standards in terms of performance and reliability.

Metravib defines and supplies solutions for acoustic and vibration-related problems answering a wide range of applications such as stealth performance of a submarine propulsion system, prediction of the pointing accuracy of an observation satellite during its design phase, or protecting sensitive electronic equipment incorporated in a missile.

Solutions can be provided for just a few units or, alternatively, on a very large scale (several thousands of units) in the case of major production cycles. Metravib capability of developing custom systems also includes dedicated maintenance tools presently used by repair shops of aircraft engines for instance.

Available products and solutions include:

  • Vibration dampers
  • Shock absorbers
  • Shocks attenuators
  • Quality control tools based on vibration measurement
  • ..

Measurements and diagnostic for Aerospace & Defence industry

During the prototype and initial production stages, a first validation loop is often mandatory to validate the assumption used and collect some sets of data through preliminary testing.

Metravib team uses its long-term experience to characterize harsh environments, verify actual stress on components in use (impact testing), and conduct test runs according to various operational modes (variable rolling conditions). We constantly assist engineering companies, industrial and national agencies to conduct all relevant testing activities at component, system and complete structure levels in order to make sure they will meet performance criteria set regarding noise and vibration.

Such careful data collection then allow to conduct more in-depth analyses to establish service lifetimes (fatigue) and carry out diagnostics of system faults (e.g. breakage, damage).

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