Our history

More than 50 years of expertise in Acoustics, Vibration, Materials Testing and Durability.

Now a subsidiary of the ACOEM group, Metravib has been in constant interaction with all industries since 1969. Most involved in the development of silent submarines until the early 80’s, Metravib has always be a privileged partner of the defense and aerospace industry, extending then tight connections with the energy, oil and gas, automotive and railway industry as well, bringing valuable solutions to improve products performance when it comes to noise and vibrations.

Significant contributions are also noticeable to the Aerospace and Defense industry, such as the development and operational qualification of shock absorbers, vibration control tools, and a contribution to the improvement of the acoustic comfort inside vehicles and airplanes.

Depending on the applications, Metravib Engineering can rely on the long-standing collaboration with Metravib Material Testing engineers to validate the properties of the most appropriate materials to meet the vibration reduction needs expressed by our industrial customers.


  • Acoustic comfort
  • Sound quality and psychoacoustics
  • Source localization and ranking
  • Machinery and Plant noise
  • Vibratory comfort
  • Structural dynamics constraints
  • Solutions for protecting from vibration and shocks
  • Vibration transmission to neighbour structures
  • Equipment and Plant performance
  • Resistance of materials and assemblies
  • Vibration environment
  • Mission Profile
  • Accelerated Testing
  • Health Usage and Monitoring Systems (HUMS)
  • Digital twins