Acoustic and vibrations design assistance

The performance, durability and reliability of your systems are often related to specific requirements in terms of acoustics and vibrations. Evaluating these aspects at the end of the development process or during qualification raises the risk of having to review designs and induces additional costs.

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Right from the design phase, Metravib will assist your engineering team in taking these requirements into account as early as possible, so as to achieve the necessary performance objectives:

  • Mechanical resistance: vibration fatigue, damage
  • Geometric stability: microscopy, metrology, optics
  • Comfort: transport, electrical appliances, building
  • Safety: fatigue, structural damage, worker exposure

Our expertise is including field testing, structural dynamics or vibroacoustic calculations, as well as various technique applied to signal processing, measured data analysis and advanced algorithms in machine learning.

Our team of senior experts and experienced engineers will assist you in proposing the adequate approach to help solving each technical issue. The key to success relies on combining the understanding of physics and the application of the right method/algorithm.

With professional know-how and field proven expertise, Metravib is an unrivaled partner in the management of acoustic and vibration-related aspects from the design phases to your final product.

From the design phase to your final product

Metravib approach is to work in tight collaboration with your project team in order to bring together the right skills and find the efficient way to the right answers in:

  • Improving perceived quality: design study, end-of line tests
  • Enhancing product experience: quiet products, good vibrations, nice sound
  • Ensuring durability: analyzing life span solicitations, providing computational and experimental validation, predicting potential degradations,
  • Contributing to properly design your products: perceived quality, performance and efficiency, durability, robustness
  • Validating your product design: computation, measurement, subjective evaluation
  • Helping you acquire noise and vibration competencies through training courses with specialist support for a permanent skills improvement:
    • Vibrations at the workplace and surrounding environment
    • Introduction to structural vibrations
    • Vibration diagnosis
    • Introduction to fatigue analysis
    • Vibration isolation
    • Introduction to industrial acoustics
    • Introduction to psychoacoustics
    • Acoustic design of products and installations
    • Vibro-acoustic design of mechanical systems

Managing acoustic and vibration-related aspect

  • Structural lifetime assessment and characterization
  • Usage classification based on data mining and machine learning (supervised learning)
  • Benchmark studies in noise and vibration
  • Understanding acoustic and vibration issues by coupling experiments and physical modelling
  • Noise & vibration impact reduction
  • Mitigation solution related to noise and vibration impact
  • Static and dynamic calculation using Finite Element Method (FEM) and Boundary Element Method (BEM)
  • Specific tools developpement based on analytical / empirical models
  • Lightweighting structures without compromising vibration / acoustic performance

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