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Metravib Engineering is a company of the Acoem group, which offers its expertise in acoustic and vibration engineering, combined with its know-how in the field of system reliability.

Over 50 years of expertise in Acoustics, Vibration, Materials and Durability.

Since 1969, Metravib has been helping its customers to solve problems related to acoustics and vibration, to improve the reliability of structures and associated components and to ensure their regular monitoring (health usage monitoring).
Involved in the silent submarine development program supported by the DGA (French Defense forces) until the early 80s, Metravib then rapidly became a privileged partner of industry, bringing its expertise in various sectors of activity.

Acoustic engineering and vibration analysis are used to achieve the optimal performance in terms of:


  • Mechanical strength:
    Expertise in performing mechanical simulations for both linear and non-linear materials and geometries, coupled with our capacity to simulate and conduct fatigue testing, addressing vibration-induced wear and damage


  • Vibroacoustic comfort:
    Leveraging our capacity to execute vibroacoustic analysis, simulation, and measurement, with extensive experience spanning a large range of industries, ensuring optimal comfort for mobility, equipment, and buildings


  • Safety:
    Comprehensively addressing fatigue, structural damage, and exposure of workers to noise and vibration in accordance with regulatory standards


  • Geometric stability:
    Design vibration and shock-resistant solutions to protect sensitive equipment including microscopes, precision measuring and advanced optical devices


  • Our expertise lies in pioneering solutions for early detection of failures or abnormal behaviors, utilizing cutting-edge multi-physics analyses to ensure system reliability and performance.

Design your future with us!

From product design to solutions research, Metravib Engineering supports its industrial customers, design offices and laboratories in their search for ever more reliable and high-performance products.

Particular emphasis is placed on assessing the durability and lightening of structures, in direct relation to the most important issues concerning the optimal use of available resources and the contribution to reducing environmental impact.

We help our customers design the world of tomorrow.

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Our direct link with Industry

Metravib takes part in the engineering design process and provides expert skills in acoustics and vibration analysis to different industrial sectors.

What we do

The performance, reliability and durability of systems are often linked to specific constraints in terms of acoustics and vibration.

This is why Metravib offers its expertise in acoustics and vibration analysis to help manufacturers design reliable, robust and silent products.

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