Acoustic and vibration troubleshooting

During both implementation and operation, prime contractors and industrial companies sometimes have to face acoustics and vibration related problems.

Metravib team of experts is visiting sites around the world to assess and diagnose these issues. Indeed it is essential to measure phenomena such as noise emission, static or dynamic structural behavior in real operating conditions in order to analyze any deviations or the causes of faults.

Such field services go hand in hand with:

  • Equipment acceptance tests according to requirements imposed by international standards
  • Troubleshooting and seeking the causes of faults
  • Performance improvement and optimization
  • Competitive or benchmarking studies

Methodology for troubleshooting studies in the Oil and Gas market

When engineers or technicians are confronted with unapprehended vibration or acoustical phenomenon, they tend to use familiar analysis tools or refer themselves to past experiences. Sadly, physics cannot be summarized in one tool and has many ways to express itself !

Metravib uses for instance the following methodology for troubleshooting studies in Oil and Gas market.

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Services for diagnostic

When it comes to provide the right support in critical situations, Metravib team of engineers and technicians is at your side, responsive, making the best use of our experience, skills and tools offering:

  • Sound Power and Sound Intensity Measurements
  • Experimental Modal Analysis
  • Multi-physics instrumentation
  • Operational Deflection Shape
  • Acoustic imaging
  • Vibroacoustic modeling
  • Vibration Impact testing
  • Materials characterization
  • Static and dynamic calculation

  • Whenever needed a possible mix between tests and calculation helps consolidating the diagnostic, providing the good level of risk assessment and an evaluation of possible solutions to reduce the identified noise and/or vibration issues.

Equipment and tools

Equipment and tools for your needs that can be adapted to any specific context:

  • Displacement transducers such as laser, wire sensor, proximity probe, Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT)
  • Force cells and shock hammer
  • Pressure sensors (static and dynamic)
  • Temperature probes
  • Strain gauges for extensometry (resistive, fiber optics)
  • Velocity and accelerations transducers: piezo-resistive accelerometers, piezo-electric accelerometers, geophones, pyroshock sensors, high temperature and pressure sensors, laser doppler vibrometer,…
  • Sound pressure microphones: free field, diffuse field, pressure microphones, high pressure microphones
  • Sound intensity probe
  • Acoustic arrays and camera for beamforming and Nearfield Acoustic Holography (NAH)
  • Excitation sources for noise and vibrations: vibration shaker, hydraulic shaker, acoustic sources
  • Multichannel data acquisition systems


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