Acoustics Testing and Engineering of VIP aircraft

Customer: Confidential
Country: Switzerland
Application: Aeronautics

The Challenge

Sound quality and general noise levels are an important consideration for passengers and buyers of high-end business and luxury VIP aircraft. For VIP customers a high premium is placed on a comfortable noise environment so that normal conversation, relaxation and sleeping is possible. Metravib teamed up with @Nicholas Eaton of Space Acoustics to provide high level acoustics test and simulation for the newest Airbus 320-NEO aircraft in a best-in-class VIP format.


The Solution

The key objectives were to fully map the sound transmission into the cabin through sound intensity scanning, and to apply this information into the application of more mass efficient soundproofing which reliably achieves the sound quality targets for the different cabin zones. Thanks to the team having a background in shock and vibration, exact measurements were obtained at an economical cost and with less than 1 month preparation and test performance time.

The team applied a mixture of test and analysis to support an optimum sound-proofing**.

(**In VIP aircraft the sound proofing package can be 10% of the aircraft weight, and efficiency is key to achieving range)

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