Engineering your R&D

Metravib is Acoem’s brand that uses vibration analysis and acoustic engineering to assist in the engineering design process.

More than 50 years of expertise in Acoustics, Vibration, Material Testing and Durability.

For more than 50 years, Metravib has been assisting its clients in solving problems related to acoustics and vibrations in order to improve the reliability of structures and associated components while providing continuous health usage monitoring and durability.

Initially involved in the silent submarine development programme supported by the French DGA until the early 1980s, Metravib then rapidly became a privileged partner of the industry, bringing its expertise in various sectors of activity.

Acoustic engineering and vibration analysis are used to achieve our clients performance objectives in terms of:

  • Mechanical strength: vibration fatigue, damage
  • Geometric stability: microscopy, metrology, optics
  • Comfort: transport, equipment, building
  • Safety: fatigue, structural damage, worker exposure

Our direct link to the Industry

Metravib takes part in the engineering design process and provides expert skills in acoustics and vibration analysis to different industrial sectors.


What we do

The performance, reliability and durability of systems are often linked to specific constraints in terms of acoustics and vibration.

For this reason, Metravib proposes its expertise in the fields of acoustic engineering and vibration analysis to help manufacturers design reliable, robust and noiseless products.