Comfort and reliability

The comfort and reliability provided by components have a role to play in the positioning of automotive, rail and aeronautical manufacturers.

Metravib has been working with stakeholders in the transport sector for 40 years, providing unrivaled expertise in engineering and solutions development.

This sector presents numerous technological challenges, such as the industrialization of composite materials, the qualification of new parts issued from additive manufacturing technologies and the emergence of new environmentally friendly means of propulsion. This may give rise to acoustic and mechanical problems, for which Metravib provides solutions. This also puts at the forefront the need to investigate how to lightweight structures or monitor the fatigue of critical components all along the vehicle lifetime. Here as well we are involved with your Engineering teams to define adequate responses depending on your targets.

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Design assistance for Transport industry

Taking into account acoustics and vibration potential issues from the early stages of design is a key to achieve the best possible product performance regarding these criteria. Metravib is thus working in tight collaboration with your team of engineers and technicians to understand your development constraints and targets regarding product performance and quality.

Offering dedicated design support tools and the adequate mix between predictive simulation and prototype testing, our experts help you qualifying components, subsystems and possibly the entire vehicle in terms of design, material compliance and reliability. This approach has been successfully applied with the automotive industry for more than 30 years, and also with the railway or construction machines industries.

Putting the understanding of physical phenomena at the forefront, Metravib engineers involved as from the design stage at your side will bring you the adequate assistance right on time:

  • Definition of sensitive product parts right from the design stage
  • FEM computations and sensitivity analysis
  • Evaluation of Innovative solutions for reducing noise and vibrations
  • Development of dedicated Testing and Analysis methodologies
  • Sound quality evaluation and Jury testing

Measurements and diagnostic for Transport industry

Companies in the transportation sector must pay particular attention to components, systems and vehicles regarding the quality of service provided to users. For instance the financial stakes relating to operating losses and technical faults in the railway industry may be huge.

For 30 years, Metravib team of engineers and technicians is thus assisting engineering companies, industrials and operators at different stages of life cycle of component, systems and vehicles in order to improve their respective service rates. Our experts are at your side, operating throughout the world, whatever the circumstances, to diagnose faults, ensure the committed vibration and acoustic performance, and perfect the reliability of frequently used equipment offering services as:

  • Experimental characterization and experimental modal analysis
  • Competitive products Benchmarking
  • Use cases and mission profile measurement
  • Accelerated Testing procedures and services

Customized solutions for Transport industry

Vibrations and noise are critical aspects of a manufacturer’s sensory brand image. Automotive, railway and aircraft manufacturers must manage these differentiating aspects within a context that is subject to increasingly stringent constraints.

New products are subject to the challenges of shorter development cycles and compliance with regulations and commitments as to consumption and CO2 emissions.

Metravib has developed special tools and perfected methodologies to comply with these constraints, along with tried and tested solutions suited to various operational environments:

  • Development of specific shock absorbers and damping solutions
  • End of chain product quality testing equipment
  • Process control dedicated systems

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