On-site services at Renault technical centers

Customer: Renault
Country: France
Application: Mobility – Automotive

Acoem, involving Metravib Engineering specialists, established a tight relationship with RENAULT Group and got involved since 2019 in qualifying prototypes of future vehicles with qualified personnel on different sites of the group.

A team of dedicated engineers and technicians works on the client sites, every day, all requested NVH tests (acoustics and vibration) and actively participates in the qualification process of RENAULT vehicles.

Noise and Vibration Testing services

The technical fields covered by Acoem’s team on-site include:

  • Structure-borne noise (low and medium frequencies): powertrain, interaction of tyres with the road surface, etc.
  • Airborne noise (high frequencies): aerodynamics, exhaust line, etc.
  • Components noise: air conditioning and fan units, braking system, etc.
  • Vehicle pass-by noise: measurements of noise emitted by the vehicle outdoors to ensure compliance with standards

A team of NVH experts

Today, a team of 20 persons supervised by a multisite manager is working on a daily basis in tight collaboration with RENAULT in different test centers. The team’s technical functions cover various fields:

  • Definition of test procedures
  • Tests set-ups and instrumentation of vehicles
  • Carrying out the requested tests
  • Noise and vibration Data Analysis
  • Comparison of tests results with RENAULT specifications
  • Noise and vibration transmission paths analysis
  • Validation of the obtained results vs. NVH requirements
  • Test reports
  • Development of new measurement methods
  • Proposal of technical solutions to improve NVH performance
  • Proposal of cost saving plans while maintaining vibroacoustic performance

Acoem teams mainly work for tests on prototype vehicles and ahead of production, on private or utility vehicles equipped with various types of engines (thermal, electric, hybrid…).

If necessary and in case of heavy workload, the platform can also count on the valuable support of Metravib back-office teams based in Limonest (north of Lyon).