Industrial process optimisation: an approach combining experimentation & simulation

Customer: Confidential
Country: France
Area of application: Nuclear industry

The issue

Metravib Engineering is frequently called upon to support its customers in improving flows and avoiding material build-up in industrial processes. In response to such requests, we can propose a vibratory study combining experimental testing and numerical simulation.

The solution

Based on the elements available, its knowledge and experience, Metravib Engineering defines a measurement protocol based on instrumentation and on-site measurements. The measurements, carried out on an operating and/or shutdown plant, provide a detailed characterization of the physical phenomenon and the environment: conditions & areas of occurrence, manifestation and dynamic behavior of the plant. These elements, combined with the dynamic simulation expertise of the Metravib Engineering team, are then used to build a numerical model, recalibrated to provide a realistic physical approach to operational situations. 

This model can then be used to approach unmeasurable quantities, and to test improvement solutions such as geometry modifications, process adjustments and/or equipment replacements, relocations or additions. During this feasibility phase, each solution is precisely evaluated in terms of performance/gain in relation to implementation constraints.

In a comprehensive approach, once the solutions have been deployed (matching a performance/cost compromise), the Metravib Engineering team then carries out some on-site measurements to confirm actual performance, objectify the gain and enrich its experience for future customers…

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