Vibratory characterization of a wind turbine component

Customer: Confidential
Country: France
Application: Energy

The Challenge

Metravib is solicited by suppliers of offshore wind turbines to characterize the vibratory environment of components in order to analyze malfunctions and / or to make numerical studies more reliable by a better knowledge of excitations and dynamic behavior of equipment in operation.


The Solution

Metravib provides all its competences and its equipment to accompany its customers since the definition of the instrumentation, the installation or the provision of the recording equipment on a given period, the post processing of massive contextualized data, the analysis and the diagnosis. Metravib can also ensure the confrontation of the experimental data with the simulation tools and the dimensioning of solutions if necessary.

Metravib thus accompanies its customers in the optimization of the performances and the reliability of the power generation equipments from the design stage but also throughout the life cycle of the product in operation.