Vibration Impact of tramway pass-by

Customer: Confidential
Country: France
Application : Mobility

The Challenge

Within the framework of the development and construction of a new tramway line, the companies in charge of the construction of the infrastructures must comply with the requirements set by the contracting authority relayed by the project manager in terms of vibration or acoustic impact on the dwellings, the buildings and the citizens located near the tramway tracks. Metravib assists its customers very regularly on site to validate the compliance with such requirements.



The Solution

In this context, Metravib is involved worlwide in the measurements related to vibratory reception during the first tests performed with rolling stocks. Metravib carries out measurements at the ground level of buildings that were beforehand chosen in order to characterize the most critical locations. The data collected during the measurements are then post-processed in order to compare them with the requirements of the buildings’ owner (effective level, third octave standard templates etc.).

To guarantee that requirements are fulfilled, the project owner can also require the installation of anti-vibration tracks to reduce the vibratory impact on the buildings. Metravib intervenes in the framework of the acceptance measurements to validate the good implementation of such solutions and quantify their performance during “empty” tests (measurements without tramway).

At the end of the performed works, Metravib is checking the compliance by comparing the requirements set and acceptance measurements which were made during empty tests (without tramway) or with a rolling stock (tramway pass-by at close distance from the surveyed buildings).