Vibration characterization of an exhaust line

Customer: FT Mesures and Atelier Chabord
Country : France
Application : Aeronautics

The Challenge

FT Mesures asked Metravib to complete an offer for its final customer, Atelier Chabord, which developed a new exhaust line for the retrofit of Alenia Aermacchi’s F260 aircrafts. Metravib’s mission consisted in qualifying the dynamic behavior of the aircraft exhaust line. In other words, to search for frequency coincidences of the exhaust line dynamic response.


The Solution

To answer the request of our customer, Metravib carried out measurements on the plane engine in operation (ground tests). To complete these measurements, Metravib also carried out hammer tapping measurements. Thus the engine exhaust line was instrumented and excited in an artificial way (impact hammer). The whole series of the measurements carried out allowed FT Mesures to better master the vibration behavior of this exhaust line in operation.

These measurements contributed to obtaining an additional qualification issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), which allows Atelier Chabord to install this new exhaust system on all F260 aircraft (and more specifically 35 F260 aircrafts of the Italian Air Force).

Photo caption: New exhaust line installed during the tests