Redesigning a piece to reduce the noise impact

Customer: Confidential
Country: France
Application: Defense

The Challenge

Metravib was consulted by a client in the defense industry about an acoustic problem. Indeed, a complex part of a defense system was radiating too much noise, mainly due to the excitation induced by the internal electric field. To understand where the noise source came from, then reduce it, Metravib proceeded to a modeling and adequate vibroacoustic calculations on the noise radiating part.


The Solution

In order to reduce noise emission, our customer accepted some design modifications on his system component. Metravib evaluated different designs to reduce vibrations and consequently the noise levels emitted by that weak part the system:

  • Stiffening of the corresponding structure
  • Increasing the mass of a component of the part and mechanical decoupling
  • Limiting vibration transfer to the external radiating surfaces (perforated silicone)

After a series of calculations considering these different configurations, Metravib highlighted that the addition of perforated silicone between the surfaces in contact with the components of the part would be the most effective solution to significantly reduce the noise emissions on the whole part.