Monitoring of an offshore wind turbine component

Customer: Confidential
Country: France
Application: Renewable energies

The Challenge

Metravib was consulted by one of the leading companies in the Offshore sector in order to verify the mechanical resistance of an offshore wind turbine transformer. The aim was to validate the design of the transformer before the production in order to optimize the costs while still being able to cope with the harsh mechanical requirements.

In this logic, Metravib team had to take up some challenges :

  • Modeling the numerous components of the transformer
  • Comply with the very short deadlines imposed by the customer

The Solution

As a first step, Metravib’s simulation team created a numerical finite element model of the transformer including all associated components.

Afterwards, different computations were carried out: modal analysis, static, transient and random vibration analysis allowing a complete characterisation of the dynamic properties of the complete structure and its components.

This approach therefore allowed the vibratory behaviour of the transformer to be assessed in relation to the different stresses it would encounter during its life-time cycle, including manufacturing and transportation.

Based on the obtained results, the weak spots of the design were highlighted and areas with a high likelihood of failure were reinforced (collaborative process with the customer’s project team).