Isolation of vibration sensitive equipment

Customer: Confidential
Country: France
Application: Industry

The Challenge

Metravib was consulted by an industrial company because sensitive equipment was malfunctioning due to vibrations in the environment.

The sources of vibration can come from :

  • human activity (walking nearby, door slamming…)
  • servitude (pump, HVAC..)
  • periodic events (delivery, handling activities…)

The Solution

Metravib conducted a measurement campaign at 3 different locations on the equipment operating in different configurations thanks to accelerometers and velocimeters.
This campaign allowed first to identify the sources of vibrations and their impact, then to rank their criticality in order to define a criterion of acceptability.

Following these measurements, Metravib studied how to protect the equipment from the sources of vibrations considered as harmful and to reduce them to acceptable levels.

Depending on situations, we can support our customers to reduce the impact of unwanted vibrations on their equipment thanks to:

  • Standard solutions: recommendation of an adequate mechanical assembly, installation of an anti-vibration base under the machine.
  • Specific solutions: Installation of an anti-vibration mount, passive or even active anti-vibration control

At the end of this specific work, we could effectively support our client and isolate the equipment sensitive to vibrations with the most appropriate solution according to the experimental results found during the measurement campaign.