Integrated services at CEA Cadarache

Customer: TechnicAtome
Country : France
Application: Energy – Nuclear

Metravib (previously 01dB-Metravib) has always been linked to the nuclear field as a subsidiary of AREVA-TA (which became TechnicAtome after its cession) until 2011.

TechnicAtome is a company specialized in the design, realization, commissioning and maintenance in operational conditions of compact nuclear reactors.

Metravib is providing TechnicAtome with a team of 6 people on the CEA site in Cadarache on a permanent way for various services:

Control of radioprotection equipment and EIS (important elements for safety)

Radioprotection is a series of measures taken to ensure the protection of humans and environment from the dangerous effects of ionising radiation: alpha, beta, gamma and neutron rays.

Beacons detect this radiation. They generate automatisms on the control-command to preserve the integrity of the personnel and their working environment.

Metravib team is periodically inspecting all the radiation protection means and associated automatisms to ensure that they are in perfect working condition, complying with the RGE (General Operating Regulations).

These periodic checks also include elements important to safety such as the water level sensors in the nuclear fuel storage pool.

Control of test measurement devices

On the test benches, the technicians carry out technical measurements on the equipment used to control the nuclear reactor.

Metravib team ensures the maintenance of the elements composing the test benches (sensors, wiring, conditioners…).

Before each test loop, they are able to guarantee the correct operation of the installation and the uncertainty associated with the measurements.


Metravib’s team carries out calibrations as well as numerous verifications in pressure, temperature and force on various sensors at the Pressure and Temperature Metrology Laboratory (LMPT) of TechnicAtome.


Additional services

  • Updating of control procedures
  • Assistance in the selection of measurement equipment
  • Participation in exploratory studies for third generation submarines
  • Measurement of noise pollution
  • Deformation measurement
  • Metrological expertise
  • Vibration measurement and diagnosis of rotating machines