Early detection of gas leaks

Customer: TotalEnergies
Country: France
Application: Energy, Oil and Gas

The Issue

TotalEnergies approached Metravib in 2018 to develop an early gas leak detection solution complementary to current technologies to:

  • Increase the protection of people in the event of gas leaks
  • Prevent explosions, gas fires, and material damage
  • Optimise maintenance interventions to the strict minimum
  • Reduce the impact on the environment.

The Challenge

Metravib faced many challenges to develop a system able to discriminate and isolate the gas leak from other noise, to detect that it is a gas leak, to locate with precision where this leak comes from and finally to classify its flow, and all this, in near real-time.


The Solution

Metravib has designed an autonomous system (antenna network synchronised with a server) that provides information in near real time. This system is able to detect quickly the gas leak, to identify it, to locate its origin in x, y and z and to classify the leak in a flow range.


Photo caption: Acoustic antenna on TADI (Total Anomaly Detection Initiatives), tests facilities of TotalEnergies

The system also provides acquisition, processing and analysis of mass data so that the raw monitoring data can be quickly transformed into relevant information about the detected anomaly.

Since 2018, numerous tests have been conducted on the TADI (Total Anomaly Detection Initiatives) platform, a testing infrastructure at the heart of an industrial environment that allows TotalEnergies’s R&D to test and qualify innovative gas leak detection and quantification technologies.