Characterisation of the stresses on a military vehicle

Customer: Confidential
Country: France
Application: Defense, military

The Issue

Military vehicles need to be highly reliable and operate in all operational circumstances including any field topology and vehicle speed.

Rather than conducting endurance tests on dedicated tracks, equipment manufacturers often use calculations to evaluate and predict vehicle behaviour.

In order to be more representative and to get as close as possible to the reality in the field, manufacturers need to characterise the real stress conditions that the military vehicle is confronted with while operating.

In this way, after carrying out one or more measurement campaigns in real operating conditions, manufacturers obtain valuable data that can be used as input for their calculation models.

The Solution

Metravib can instrument the vehicles with many sensors according to various customer’s needs (accelerometers, wire sensors, strain gauges…) and provide corresponding raw or processed data by applying adapted treatments.

Metravib can also contribute to the definition of test procedures on vibration shakers in order to focus on dedicated components of the vehicle during a reduced period of time.