Acoustic impact study of an industrial facility in an urban environment

Customer: Confidential
Country: France
Application: Industry

The Challenge

A customer contacted METRAVIB for an acoustic study with the aim of improving the noise levels in the vicinity of the plant.

Some chillers located outside need to be replaced. The supplier of the renewed equipment wants to remove the noise barriers that protect the current installation because they reduce air exchange and interfere with the proper functioning of the installation.

Although the new equipment is expected to be quieter, our customer wants to make sure that the removal of the noise barriers will not induce some potential problem for local residents according to the current regulations.

The solution

To answer this problem, different measurements were carried out : on-site acoustic measurements of the current status (with noise barrier) and residual background noise in the vicinity of the equipment and around the houses closest to the site. 

From such measurements, a map of noise propagation in the environment is made including the noise barriers. The CADNAA simulation tool was used to perform a parametric study to simulate/quantify the removal of the noise barriers and the specific noise emission characteristics of the new equipment.

At the end of this study, Metravib made it possible to answer the customer’s problem by recommending technical solutions to be implemented and ensure that the regulatory noise levels are not exceeded after the installation of the new chiller.