Acoustic impact of charging stations

Customer: Electra
Country: France
Area of application: Oil & gas

The challenge

ELECTRA deploys and operates fast-charging stations for electric vehicles. As part of a new project to set up in the Paris region, ELECTRA wanted to ensure that the acoustic emergence associated with the operation of its charging stations remains limited. Using experimental measurements and simulation, METRAVIB was able to estimate the acoustic impact of the charging stations in their future urban environment.

The solution

This noise impact study was carried out in three steps:

  • Acoustic characterization of the charging stations: To characterize the acoustic radiation from the charging stations, METRAVIB technicians determined the acoustic power emitted. This is the acoustic signature of the equipment combined with the total acoustic energy released by the equipment in its environment. The sound power level is the only indicator that makes it possible to compare several pieces of equipment or several operating configurations of the same piece of equipment, in idle more, in operation, or in operation with ventilation. This sound power level remains the same wherever the equipment is installed.
  • Modelling the acoustic environment: Experimental measurements carried out at a site in Lyon are imported into the CadnaA simulation software, enabling the predicted radiation to be calculated, so that the acoustic impact can be identified before the installation in an urban environment.
  • Estimation of emergence: In order to estimate the acoustic emergence as accurately as possible, METRAVIB carried out measurements to determine the residual noise levels, and therefore the emergence generated by the charging stations in operation. This must be limited to comply with current regulations.

The METRAVIB study showed that there is no perceptible noise impact from the charging stations. In the future, ELECTRA will even be able to determine the noise emission of all its charging points at future sites. Since characterizing the acoustic emission of the charging point is an intrinsic characteristic, the simulation software applied by METRAVIB can be used to determine the final emergence depending on the site where it is installed.